Three must-see national parks in a single state

Much more than a state: Utah is a state of mind. The landscape of Utah, sculpted by wind, water and weather, is the perfect canvas for your next adventure. From the Mighty Five National Parks : Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park Zion (Zion National Park), up to the largest show on Earth, Wasatch Mountain (Wasatch Mountain) and all the other sites located on the way, Utah is the place where memories are made and experiences are forged. Are you planning to travel around the world Utah then this article is especially for you.

Northern Utah: take your curiosity to the fullest

A road trip in northern Utah can include driving through Logan Canyon, full of alpine high-altitude landscapes, camping sites and hiking and biking trails, to Bear Lake to enjoy sailing and enjoy from the summer festivals, and up to Union Station in Ogden to visit its railway museum. Drive south, past Davis County, look west and you will see the Great Salt Lake, and you can visit it closely through the Antelope Island State Park.

Maybe you prefer to spend your time in the Salt Lake Valley (Salt Lake Valley), largest metropolitan area. Here, you’ll find Temple Square (Temple Square) and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Mormon Tabernacle Choir), the Utah Symphony and Opera, as well as ballet, theater, events, museums, professional sports, gastronomy, shopping and first-class nightlife. Park City, a complex where every January the Sundance Film Festival takes place and which houses three first-class resorts, is about half an hour east of Salt Lake.

Central Utah: the thrill of life

Central Utah, a stretch of land transition between the northern alpine forests and the reddish rock canyons of the south, is a vast expanse of mountain, plateau and high desert, which is also ideal for the traveler in search of true loneliness. It is an area rich in natural resources: from vast deposits of coal and hunting and fishing mecha, to farms and mystic deserts. Heritage Highway 89 is one of Utah’s best historical and cultural attractions. South of Price, the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry has the densest concentration of dinosaur bones of the Jurassic era on the planet. From there, you will arrive after a simple walk to San Rafael Swell although “The Swell” is not a national park.

Southern Utah: an inspiring, spectacular and different from any other in the world

Southern Utah is a land of amazing and unbeatable beauty, characterized by its contrasting mountain landscapes with snowy peaks; layers and layers of orange sandstone cut by erosion in bridges, arches and strange towers of sculpted reddish rock; spectacular faults where the earth twists; and soft undulating hills of rock polished by the wind.

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