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When it comes to organizing an event, how to choose a good catering is a truly important decision, and not only from the point of view of the budget. Few factors are so important in an event as the quality, taste and appearance of the food and beverages that are served there.

The price of these services can vary enormously, but that cannot be the only reason to choose catering.Before making a decision, you should talk to at least three service providers that handle a reasonable budget. These are the criteria that you should keep in mind when facing the decision of how to choose catering for an event:

  1. Responsiveness and personal interest in your needs

The manner in which a catering company responds during your initial conversations is indicative of how you will work on your event. For the best interational buffer catering in Singapore you will find the best deal now.

Obviously, taste and cost are determining factors, but it is also necessary that the company is truly concerned about satisfying the needs of its customers.

  1. Ability to handle the type of event you are preparing

Each company has areas of expertise. Some are more boutique and focus on intimate, smaller events. Others specialize in serving large corporations.

Whether it’s choosing catering for a wedding or a corporate event, do not make a decision about the service just because you used it previously for a company meeting or a celebration with employees.

Make sure that the catering company has experience in the type of event you plan this time.

  1. Flexibility in menu options

Each catering company has a standard menu to choose from, and not all are flexible to adapt to your specific needs; that’s why you should ask it from the first conversation.

The ideal catering company should be willing to handle the special requests you require, such as vegetarian and kosher options.

  1. Tastings

Attend at least three tastings with different services and make sure you can taste exactly what you want. Be willing to pay for it if necessary.

In addition, you can request wine tasting with these tastings to see if they are appropriate for your event. Again, be prepared to pay a fee: it’s a small price to make sure you choose the right catering company.

Pay attention to the way they present the dishes, a catering company that does not take the time to properly show their work, probably will not make a greater effort on the day of your event.

  1. Familiarity with the place

Your potential supplier may not be used to preparing and serving food at the event site.Make sure that the caterers know all the rules of the place in advance.Even the most traditional sites may have restrictions that must be followed, such as certain configuration rules or restrictions for the disposal of food waste.

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